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In Ex Libris, you are a collector of rare and valuable books in a thriving fantasy town. The Mayor has just announced a new seat in the Village Council, Grand Librarian. The prestigious and lucrative position will be awarded to the citizen with the most extraordinary library! Unfortunately, several of your book collector colleagues (more like acquaintances, really) are also candidates. To outshine your competition, you’ll need to expand your personal library by sending your trusty assistants out into the village to find the most impressive tomes. Sources for the finest books are scarce, so you’ll need to beat your opponents to them when they pop up - especially if they match your library’s secret focus! You only have a few days before the Mayor’s Official Inspector comes to judge your library, so be sure your assistants have all your books shelved in time! She is a tough cookie, and will use her Official Inspection Form to grade your library on several criteria including alphabetical order, shelf stability, prominent works, and variety. And don’t think she’ll turn a blind eye to books the Council has banned! You’ll need shrewd planning, cunning tactics, and perhaps a little magic to surpass youropponents and become Grand Librarian! Features: Contents Summary: 1 Folding Town Board 1 Double-sided Dry-erase 'Official Library Inspection Formd' Board 1 Dry Erase Marker 12 Double-sided Library Tiles 18 Oversized Location Tiles 12 Standard Assistant Meeples 12 Special Assistant Meeples 1 'Crystal Ball' First Player Token 152 Book Cards (with 510 unique book titles) 6 Category Cards 1 Rulebook At a Glance Number of Players: 2-4 For Ages:10+ Playing Time:45 min Game Type: Worker Placement

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