Warhammer 40,000

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    Chaos Terminators are heavily armoured veterans clad in debased suits of Tactical Dreadnought armour. They form the elite of their masters’ warbands, for though they are ponderous compared to... read more

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    Havocs provide the Traitor Legions with devastating anti-infantry and anti-armour firepower, dominating large swathes of the battlefield with volley after punishing volley. Such is the blood-poundi... read more

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    Codex: Chaos Space Marines is your complete guide to the Heretic Astartes – a brotherhood of superhuman traitors hell-bent on destroying the Imperium they once helped build. In this codex, y... read more

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    Striding onto the battlefield like a demigod of war, the Despoiler scowls at the mortal chattel before him. He is an ender of worlds, a destroyer of hope, a bane unto the galaxy itself. Yet he is n... read more

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    Not even the Space Marines are safe from the lure of Chaos. Whether they hail from the dark days of the Horus Heresy or turned traitor more recently, these baleful warriors combine their gene-given... read more

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    Plot the downfall of the False Emperor (or anyone else you’re battling!) with these datacards – an invaluable reference resource for Chaos Space Marines players. These cards are designe... read more

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