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Legion Clear Bases Core Set

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A complete set of 3mm clear bases to replace the opaque bases from STAR WARS LEGION™ Core Box Set by Fantasy Flight™

These are great for replacing the opaque bases on your figures so you don’t lose any of the aesthetics created by your game boards, mats or terrain.

The bases feature laser etched firing arcs and a carved depth to add extra strength and a flush top side to the flight stands.

This item consists of Thirty Figure Bases, Two Speeder Bike Bases and One AT-RT Base.

These items have the protective paper removed before engraving and cutting to ensure the highest glassy polish possible on the edges and then we apply another paper to ensure you receive them in perfect condition.


It is important to note that these bases have been rigorously tested and redesigned to ensure they result in the exact same distance measurement as per the default bases to .1 of a mm.

This item consists of the clear bases.
The miniatures pictured are for reference only.

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