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Flesh and Blood Everfest First Edition Booster CASE

Flesh and Blood Everfest First Edition Booster CASE

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Get a Sealed Case of Everfest!

(4 Booster Boxes)


Everfest continues to shine the spotlight on the strong environmental themes of Aria, putting sustainability center stage as the world's first full production trading card game product featuring fully recyclable paper booster wrappers!

Production scale paper flowwraps have been years in the making. In partnership with Cartamundi, we are proud to be the industry leader in material sustainability for the trading card game industry.

Starting with Everfest first edition, Flesh and Blood booster packs manufactured at Cartamundi Belgium will use paper wrappers whenever possible. We are aiming for all Flesh and Blood boosters to eventually use paper flowwraps, however it will take some time for all our manufacturers to implement this change. As such, fans should expect some future Flesh and Blood booster packs to continue to have plastic flowwraps.

100% of Everfest first edition features paper wrappers, and we are proud of it!

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