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Armored Artillery Battery

Armored Artillery Battery

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Includes three individually sculpted M7 Priest HMC with crew one Observer M4 Sherman OP tank one Command Carbine team one Staff team two Rare earth magnets four plastic Sherman component sprues one Decal sheet one Medium four-hole base & one Small three-hole base Related products:1. NUTS (Ref: FW223)2. Rifle Company (Winter) (Ref: UBX35)3. M4A3E8 Easy Eight (Ref: UBX26)4. M4A3 (76mm) Sherman Platoon (Ref: UBX27)5. M4A3 (late) Sherman Platoon (Ref: UBX28)6. M4A3E2 Jumbo Tanks (Ref: UBX25)

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