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Make sure that your cards are sorted in the exact order that they appear on your confirmation email. If your cards arrive out of order, please expect an additional delay of up to five (5) business days before completion of your buylist. Please note that in extreme cases such as buylists of several hundred cards that arrive in no order at all, we reserve the right to either return the entire order or else assess a penalty of up to 15% of the final value of your buylist.

In addition, all cards should either be in inner sleeves or in no sleeves at all, if cards arrive in opaque sleeves, your toal will be dedcted by 10% to cover our labor costs of unsleeving the cards to check condition.

Although we understand that sometimes there are delays in sending cards to us, due to the constantly changing nature of card prices we ask that all buylists sent to us are received at our facility within seven (7) business days of their acceptance. After that time, any prices we have offered are subject to change. Your buylist will remain active in our system for three (3) weeks after which time accceptance is not guaranteed.



Click on "How to use" on the Buylist Page for a full list of our rules.