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The Games Cube is a family owned business run by Lindsay Heming and Dr Alexandra Tachil.

Store Mission Statement: The Games Cube is dedicated to providing the best player experience.  To do this we believe in having expert staff in all games so you get the right person every time.  Cleanliness and appearance  is key part of the store, we have the highest standards known to gamers, and this includes our Male and Female toilets.  The store is filled with abundant natural light, air-conditioned, clean and easy to find.

On Ground level is Games Workshop, Level 1 is Cosmopolitan Restaurant, and Level 2 is The Games Cube.

There is plenty of parking around the shop:

  • If you just want to quickly duck in and pick up something, onstreet parking has a FREE 15mins button. 
  • Horwod Place has 2 parking garages - $16 a day
  • Accross the road and behind the other shops is a secret car park.  Enter on Phillip St, drive down and around under the bridge to access it.
  • Park in North PArramatta for FREE PARKING ALL DAY!  Its about a 10 - 15 min walk.
  • Parking on Sundays is FREE!


Staff Bio’s

Lindsay Heming

Lindsay started playing Magic in 1995 together with his school mates. His love for Trading Card Games began right there, and he has been playing ever since.  He started judging Magic tournaments in 2000, and since then has grown into one of the judge communities leaders, by becoming a Level 3 judge in 2007.  Lindsay has head judged two Grand Prix events and many Nationals.  In 2006 Lindsay was elevated to the New South Wales Premier Event Tournament Organiser.  He has a passion for running the best events possible, with the best team of judges behind him.  This moved Lindsay into the position of Professional Tournament Organiser for Wizards of the Coast to run Grand Prix events in the Pacific Region.  Lindsay loves to play magic to this day and is a keen tournament player.  Ask him about other games such as Settlers of Catan, Viewpoint, Dominion and many more to hear some great stories.

Favourite Board Game: Catan

Dr Alexandra Tachil

Dr. Alex moved to Australia from Germany and brought with her board game knowledge and collection.  Together with Lindsay she organises, manages and runs Magic Grand Prix events for Wizards of the Coast. From the biggest scene of Grand Prix events Alex and Lindsay are moving down to the heart of where Magic really happens, in your local store. Originally a Dr of Astrophysics, she has moved from the telescope and lab into The Games Cube, to optimise you gaming experience.

Favourite Board Game: Dominion


Douglas Tilden

Doug is one of our Magic Experts!



Steven Endicott

Steve is our very own Dragon Ball Super Expert!


Steve Kassam

Steve has many years experience within the miniatures realm. From any edition Warhammer 40k to Dystopian Wars to X-wing, you name it Steve knows it; an encyclopedia of miniatures knowledge. Steve is also a skilled miniatures painter and converter, most known for his gruesome cenobite-esque inquisitorial miniatures. He also has some of the largest collections of Dystopian Wars, Games Workshop Specialist games and Lord of the Rings in the State. Steve’s also loves his Magic as well, he often spends his time working on extremely weird and quirky mechanics for Commander and other casual formats, and loves story themed or driven decks. Steve’s ultimate drive however is to share his enthusiasm and passion for his hobbies.

 So if you need advice or help with any of the above Steve would be the best man for the job. Oh and his is also a Neuroscientist by day.

Favourite Board Game: Twilight Imperium


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