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Formula D

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We've been telling you about it recently - F1 is making a comeback in stores: Formula Dé is dead, long live Formula D! Get ready to push your engine to its limit, to hug the curves in the tight corners, but also to keep up with your opponents to take advantage of the air flow and pass them to win... Taking risks and planning ahead are two qualities you'll need as a pilot if you want to stand on the highest step of the podium!

Formula D is also the excitement of illegal racing in the streets of big cities - anything goes: custom cars, nitro acceleration, drifting in the curves, dirty tricks... The game mechanics stay the same, but use specific rules, cars and tracks.

You will also discover, in this new edition of Formula D, elements unseen up to now, such as painted race cars, dashboards, pilot profiles, and tracks... Very soon we'll unveil the new, high-tech elements which have been created in our ultra-secret lab.

Compatible with the old tracks/expansions of Formula Dé

1 - 2 Sided Game Board (Round Circuit of Monaco and Road Race)
6 - Dice Symbolizing the 6 Car Gears
1 - Black Dice to Determine Car Damage or Other Unpredictable Events
2 - Instruction Books (Basic and Advanced Rules)
10 - Formula 1 Cars in 5 Colours Symbolizing 5 Different Racing Teams
10 - GT Cars
10 - Dashboards
10 - Dashboard Trays
10 - "Gear Stick" Pieces
10 - 2 Sided Scorecards (Formula 1 and GT)
60 - Markers for Car Wear Points (WP)
20 - Damage Markers



http://www.historicwings.com/grandprix/ - PBEM 1934 Grand Prix Race Season